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Mark Lightfoot
My work is about my lifelong passion for and connection to nature. To convey the sense of mystery I find hidden there, I use it’s colors, shapes, textures, and shadows as elements in my paintings. 

Although seemingly chaotic, nature has it’s own structure. My response to nature’s movement and energy as well as it’s structure is what connects and grounds me.

In the process of creating these artworks I recapture my original response to all that my world has to offer visually as well as emotionally. It is this wonder and beauty I want the viewer to see. 

DUET  acrylic/shaped cotton muslin  67"h x 71"w
COIL  acrylic/canvas  60"h x 36"w
FIGURE I  acrylic/canvas  72"h x 38"w
FIGURE II  acrylic/canvas  72"h x 38"w
FIGURE III  acrylic/canvas  72"h x 38"w
FIGURE IV  acrylic/canvas  72"h x 38"w
FIGURE V  acrylic/canvas  72"h x 38"w
Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA
FIGURE VI  acrylic/canvas  72"h x 38"w
NAUTILUS  acrylic/canvas  34"h x 66"w
NIKE  acrylic/canvas  34"h x 66"w

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA
STEPPE  acrylic/canvas  34"h x 66"w
THE DIAL  acrylic/canvas  38"h x 72"w

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach, CA
ESCARPMENT  acrylic,oil/paper  36"h x 36"w
LIFE OF FORMS  acrylic,oil/paper  45"h x 45"w
PENTIMENTO  acrylic,oil/paper  31"h x 37"w
THE CONNECTION  acrylic,oil/paper  23"h x 36"w
THE MIDDLE LAYER  acrylic,oil/paper  22"h x 66"w
ORIFICE  acrylic/paper  22"h x 30"w
From Below   oil/canvas   30"x40"
Iceberg   acrylic/canvas    36"x48"
Tidal Action    acrylic/canvas    36"x48"
Marine    acrylic/canvas    38"x72"
Citadel    acrylic/canvas    72"x38"
A Secret Garden
32" x 40"
32" x 40"
16" x 20"
30" x 24"
Leather Man
30" x 24"
16" x 20"
Up Against the Wall
30" x 38"
Vitruvian Flex
32" x 40"
16" x 20"
Salome I  acrylic/canvas  54"hx38"w
Salome II  acrylic/canvas  48"hx36"w
Kimono  acrylic,oil glazes/canvas  32"hx28"w
Vicki's Secret  acrylic,oil glazes/canvas  32"hx28"w
Hermes  acrylic,oil/paper  24"x24"
Medusa  acrylic,oil/paper  24"x24"
Naiad  acrylic,oil/paper  20x20"
Zephyr  acrylic,oil/paper  20"x20"
Ezekial  oil/gessoed paper  24"hx18"w
Isaiah  oil/gessoed paper  24"hx18"w
Joshua  oil/gessoed paper  24"hx18"w
Nehemiah  oil/gessoed paper  24"hx18"w
I was raised in Michigan where I began drawing and painting at an early age. I attended the University of Michigan, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Design. I moved to the west coast that year to attend the University of Washington in Seattle, completing my Master of Fine Arts Degree. My thesis work was figure painting, with an emphasis in oils.

Since completing my graduate studies, I have exhibited my work extensively in Michigan, Washington, British Columbia and California. I won Fourth Place in the Mixed Media category at the California Works exhibition in Sacramento. My paintings, drawings, sculpture and handmade paper pieces are in private collections and public buildings throughout the west.

For about ten years, I managed several arts organizations in British Columbia and California, including Sun Gallery in Hayward. Currently, I am developing my art career in my studio in Oakland, California.

I also operate my own business producing custom fine art for a variety of private and business clients. Real estate developers, facility planners and interior designers have appreciated my flexibility, experience and professionalism. For my private clients, I provide custom fine art in a variety of media.

 Mark is now represented Xanadu Studios, the online service for Xanadu Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona